1. Joysick


In the summer,
Control in my hands.
Only pretend
It was winter.
No life again,
Is there an end
All i ever want,
Behind a screen.
No you, no me.
Don’t bury yourself,
In sympathy
You don’t know what you need

Ya won and you lost.
Buried between my thoughts
Oh how i fought, a Goddamn robot.
You wouldn’t believe.

Always out of place,
Never safe, close the gate.
You recognize what's in plain sight,
not what’s inside.

Ya won and you lost.
Buried between my thoughts.
You just can’t see my reality, past the TV.

Absorbed in Fantasy,
All you ever dream, at your feet.
How’re you living,
Treasure, defeat,
Misleads and Beat
Why can’t we be x3 (free)
Tell me something.
Are you living?

Sweet dreams, you’re all i ever need.
A reason to believe.
I'll be everything and anything i want to be.